You will sometimes hear this referred to as the Fender Rhodes piano as it was created by Fender. Rhodes tine pianos are known for a bell-like sound and a rich, warm, rounded tone. Besides, there are plenty of places online where you can find pristine samples of all sorts of things, but here at we favor sounds are unique and have personality! Like an electric guitar, the Rhodes sounds even better with the right amp and effects. 0. The signal is then sent through a cable to an external keyboard amplifier and speaker. Surprisingly this does sound pretty decent and the 6 piano variations tend to lean more towards an airy sound rather than the harsher Rhodes sound. And as such adds to the sound. The Rhodes piano (also known as the Fender Rhodes piano or simply Fender Rhodes or Rhodes) is an electric piano invented by Harold Rhodes, which became popular in the 1970s. There is one tine per note with fundamental frequencies resonating in a range of 41 Hz to 2.6 kHz, for the 73-key model. The nice thing about this box is the little edge of overdrive it adds to the sound of the recording, but it is a bit harder to EQ it right. 5. The Rhodes electric piano was created in 1970 by Harold Rhodes and it became popular shortly after. The biggest advantage of the CE-1 was its stereo output, a major improvement over the mono-only phasers available at the time. This sample was resampled through a Small Stone phaser (coloration knob downwards). Example 1. respective owners and are not affiliated with or endorsed by this website. The piano's clean tone is what you hear on many essential Fender Rhodes recordings, but definitely not all of them. Angie Stone and the Dave Douglas Quintet (Uri Caine). By the way, the Tube-Tech mic preamp is completely clean and does not add any overdrive. After purchasing the Rhodes trademark from CBS in 1987, Roland developed a line of digital "Rhodes" keyboards that didn't exactly sound like the real thing. The Fender Twin Reverb was and continues to be the recommended amp for use with the Rhodes (see the Models section for more details). Listen: Supermarket Romance (MP3, 1.0 MB). In my opinion almost any Rhodes can sound professional, as long as you use a good preamp/EQ, exchange the parts that are bad and, ideally, let an experienced Rhodes tech optimize the action and sound for you, to really get the most out of the instrument. Rob Coops of the Netherlands provides us with a variety of recordings demonstrating many of these effects in different configurations: The audio examples here show how a customized Fender Rhodes can sound when it is directly recorded, recorded with an amp, or directly recorded with analog effects. This is the same effect circuit found in the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, another 2 x 12" guitar amp popular among Rhodes players. Clavia Lab by Simple Media. If you are looking for that sound these tips will please. For a classic reference, listen to Herbie Hancock's Headhunters for a nicely overdriven Rhodes. “Electric 88 is top of the class for Fender Rhodes VIs. No legs. The rack was made with samples of a Fender Rhodes Keyboard. Like a conventional piano, the Rhodes generates sound with keys and hammers, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which vibrate between an electromagnetic pickup. Example 8b. It gave the Rhodes a pre-amp with integrated equalizer, which transformed the rather flat sound of the original Rhodes into a much greater sparkling sound. Rob Coops has contributed amongst others to great live recordings of The Phase 90 was an orange "stomp box" with an on/off switch and a single knob for controlling the effect's speed, while the Small Stone included an additional "color" switch for manipulating the overall frequency response. Description : Jazzy chords in Eb/D# major using a Chorus Rhodes from Labs by Spitfire Audio. The subtle stereo-sweeping is the Waves Metaflanger: the Small Stone itself is a mono pedal. This is done by removing the screws on each side of the harp so that you can adjust the harp back and forth while striking notes such as Cs and Fs up and down the keyboard, all the while listening for that sweet “crack” of the tines. If you’re looking for a quality plugin that faithfully … Voicing is where you take your time and articulate each and every note over and over until the desired tone is achieved. It is generally not a good idea to place tines too close to the pickups, to the point where you get pickup-generated overdrive. Example 2b. The sparkletop sounds closest to my old Rhodes but does not have the bark as I had the pickups very close. A ¼-inch nut driver is used to adjust the pickup volume; by loosening the pickup screw and sliding the bracket toward or away from the tine, you effectively change volume. One of the most popular outboard effects for the Rhodes was the Wah-Wah Pedal. This is my second soundfont, an improved sampling of my 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 piano. Most always replacement is necessary. The Suitcase Vibrato was the original Rhodes effect, built into all versions of the Suitcase piano (as well as Stage models with the Super Satellite & Janus I systems). It can sneak up on you: that warm, soothing yet crunchy keyboard from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. This foot pedal had an extreme impact on the Rhodes sound, virtually eliminating its bell-tone and emphasizing the midrange frequencies. Example 7. Roland "Rhodes" Synthesizers. I resampled Example 2a through a BOSS CE-1, with intensity set to 0. I filtered away the highest frequencies with the EQ plugin (they always irritate me). We recorded it with only one Electro-Voice RE-20 dynamic microphone and a Tube-Tech MP1A microphone preamplifier. Works for the most part but probably needs a tune up. Just like the piano, it generates its sounds from hammers hitting metal tines. This gives it an extremely unique sound that is very recognizable. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the front tone bar screw, and you can effectively change the tonality of any given tine adding or removing harmonic and fundamental. Clean signal path, same as Example 2a. Same piano as the previous example. Everything is velocity-sensitive and you can still hear the typical Rhodes growl when pushing notes hard. Vintage keyboard to modern synthesizer repair whether it's a Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Yamaha, or it's a Korg Kronos or a Roland Jupiter-80. the Mix section where I can control the tines and the mechanics allows me to craft the sound to my liking and, most important, create my personal feel which gives the sound its character. Example 2d. Front-panel controls were provided for Speed and Intensity. Find the Rhodes Piano sound you are looking for in seconds. Proper escapement will allow your piano to respond to a softer touch more evenly across the piano, as well as offer you the optimal hammer “blow” to the tine. You can hear examples of that Rhodes sound when listening to classic songs like "You are The Sunshine of My Life" by Stevie Wonder or "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin. Price: $3.00. In General. I cannot stress the importance of this first and most important aspect. To remedy this, tone bar clips are added to aid in sustain. The Univibe is mono also. This is my second soundfont, an improved sampling of my 1977 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 piano. Example 2a. The first version of the Vibrato was in mono, a tremolo effect that varied the amplitude of the piano's output in a square-wave pattern. I like to use an amp to get that kind of tone. The Rhodes and the Wurlitzer are sometimes mentioned interchangeably, but they’re actually pretty different. We forgot to switch off the preamp's tremolo effect, so you are hearing a sort of compressed Vibrato that is swept from left to right with the Wavelab stereo panner. Example 6. Who says a Rhodes can't be psychedelic? Good, professional gear. Mike Nesmith wrote Linda Ronstadt's first hit, "Different Drum," before he joined The Monkees. Price: $19.99. You can get that classic sound for your own musical recording projects with the best Rhodes VST plugins. The colored variation are not quite as firm as the black variation which results in a very warm character. Once the key bed has been set, you can determine whether you need an action modification known as the “Miracle Mod” for any piano built before 1978. Replacing questionable tines also makes voicing (our next step) that much easier. The piano is still connected to the Suitcase preamp, but is now amplified by a Fender Twin Reverb (silverface with master volume). Example 3. These plugins were used just to correct. A remedy is utilizing a heavy spring on the back tone bar spring, and if that does not work, replacement is necessary. That Fender Rhodes Sound. The black variation also sound great and are recommended for pianos in the '71 - '75 era. Listen to this sample on a pair of good speakers to experience the difference with 2a. Compare this with Example 2a: this is the kind of funky-grungy sound you get on your midrange from a Twin Reverb. Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4. They often have peaks at 3 or 4 khz that can be too piercing for a Rhodes. Anytime escapement is changed, hammer tips are changed, tines are replaced, or if you just are not quite sure you are hitting the “sweet spot,” it is likely that a strike line change is needed. The problem with guitar amplifiers is that the EQ-ing on those amps is not designed for a Rhodes but for a guitar. Styx, Chicago, Eagles were some of the artists who used this instrument. You will set your key height; level all keys, square to the key slip of case, and check key dip. I used iZotope Vinyl for a subtle pitch warp and some EQ. I personally like a vintage "Herbie" sound, but if you listen on good speakers it will sound bright enough. Stay tuned for future samples of wildly overdriven amps. The samples, in my opinion, sound pretty cool though. Originally released in… Most Rhodes pianos can be improved by adjusting two specs, the escapement and the strike line. At Vintage Vibe we replace a lot of tines! This broadens the sound without the chorus (detuning) itself being too obvious. Freesound - pack: C_S Fender Rhodes … We took the signal directly from the harp (for best clarity) and fed it into a preamp/EQ. Set up your key bed correctly. A well-customized Rhodes provides a wide range of sounds to the player. It was one of the first electric pianos that was used in live performances. Some keys just aren’t up to par sound wise. Same signal path as Example 1. There are different ways to achieve escapement: by adding or removing shims to the harp supports (this lowers or raises the harp on each side), by adjusting the rear tone bar screw closest to the keys to a standard height of 3/8", and by utilizing graduated hammer tips. The high notes of this piano were placed relatively close to the pickups, but they still sound OK. I EQ-ed this sample to give the mid more warmth and exaggerate the "glitching" effect of the dampers. Rob wishes to thank James Garfield and Major Key for feedback and support, and their successful effort to keep the Rhodes alive and kickin'. The oldest, the grand-daddy of all virtual Rhodes is the Lounge Lizard from Applied Acoustics. This would sound great as pad in the background with a washed out reverb and/or some tube distortion, Lemme know what you made in the comments. The follow soundfonts are included: * '': Full unlooped soundfont, with 65 samples in 5 velocity layers, sampling at least every 4th white key starting at F1. In retrospect we should have given it more overdrive, but if you listen carefully to the beginning of this sample you hear the kind of overdrive you get from the Twin on your high frequencies. Layering should give you the best of both worlds. Kevin and Tim tag-team on this piece about an American classic that still gets a lot of action some 50 years after it first hit the scene. A good but pricier alternative to the Small Stone and MXR: the Univibe. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. The tolex is fair for its age. While tuning is a given for any instrument, voicing is where the magic happens. Rhodes Super Site © 1996 – 2020 James Garfield & Frederik Adlers. Have fun. The subtleties of damper adjustments are paramount to setting up a proper Rhodes. Tolex is far from perfect but not an absolute disaster. He played an intentionally bad version of it on the show. Most of the samples presented here were played pretty hard. This distortion is not part of the original sample. Before addressing other procedures, a Rhodes key bed must be set to the proper height, key dip must be verified to your liking (usually 3/8" ± 1/16"), and keys must be leveled and squared to the key slip of the case. Posted September 11, 2010. Pedals like these create extra noise, but I prefer them over computer-generated phasers and choruses. Check them out and judge and decide for yourself. This is a 1979 Rhodes that I customized for a jazz player in September 2005. The audio examples here show how a customized Fender Rhodes can sound when it is directly recorded, recorded with an amp, or directly recorded with analog effects. And there is the Motion Sound module. They have a nice round creamy tone and will do justice to all Fender Rhodes pianos. Chorus creates phase-shifting: as a result the stereo image is a bit off-center. This distortion is not part of the original sample. Example 2c. Another important element responsible for the way your Rhodes piano feels and responds are the dampers. The Electro-Harmonix Small Stone and the MXR Phase 90 were the two popular phaser choices during this era. Example 5b. The Fender Rhodes piano helped to create the iconic sound of 70s rock. This sound is available to any studio with a soundcard, a preamp, and a customized Rhodes. Robert described the keyboard as sounding like "garbage." The MP3's were made an hour before the piano was picked up by the client, in a very casual way. Weak and incorrectly adjusted dampers are responsible for many issues—from notes double-striking to after ring and muting. If no such thing what about separate keyboards, Kawai MP11, Hammond SK1, Roland Jupiter-80, Yamaha Montage, Yamaha CP4, Korg Kronos, etc. It usually sounds better. I used B&W speakers to monitor. For me the best non-original and the one i have used since 2010 is the Korg SV-1. You can control the intensity of this effect, unlike the Small Stone and MXR. In terms of effects, tube overdrive became a normal part of the piano's tone, with tremolo and spring reverb being available as well. The characteristic sound of this pedal came from its rocking foot control, which swept the center frequency of a bandpass filter to create the impression of a person saying "wow". But for the sake of this article, and to inspire players to reach for improvements they can make now, here are five steps to help maximize the playability of your Rhodes. I think I set the depth somewhere before the middle position for this sample. Transistor amps can overdrive also, so it does not necessarily need to have tubes. With this effect, piano's signal is used to modulate a fixed-frequency oscillator in a way that outputs the difference of their harmonics, creating a sound similar to a pitched percussion instrument. Note that if you are using cheap consumer speakers, you may experience distortion in the high soloing notes of the following samples. 3 hole corner for Fender Rhodes, AC Jack - Janus. Price: $7.00. Rhodes for sale. On top of the chorus effect, the box could switch over to a pitch-shifting vibrato. When a key is pressed, a wooden hammer strikes the tine which is attached to a tone bar that extends above it. This plugin is intended for e-piano sounds and also organ and clavinet … It also forms the foundation to how all other setup procedures are balanced and supported, and how they operate. The idea for this sample popped up at the vegetable department. In the midsection they can lack clarity and the proper ability to vibrate correctly causing a dull tone. The signal was recorded via a Delta 1010 soundcard (24 bits, 96 khz) into Wavelab. With the release of the first Stage models in 1969, the player's choice of amplifier also began to shape the piano's sound. But I am also a Hendrix fan...Jimi used this pedal on "Machine Gun" with an Octavia, a Fuzzface and a few stacks of Marshall's. Various amps were specifically designed for use with the Stage Piano, but in reality it was a Fender guitar amp that Rhodes players preferred. I still want a Rhodes with the pink fluffy cloth on it. You also hear this effect combined with the Fuzz Pedal in recordings from the early 70's, adding warm distortion to the sound for an even more funkified "fuzz wah" experience. Respect to Steve Woodyard, stay balanced, in-tune and healthy. We do spent 99% of our time around electronic pianos, but trust us: it’s not just our bias talking. Phasing creates large volume sweeps, so this sample has been compressed more than the previous ones. The Fender Rhodes piano uses a steel tine as its main tone source. I too use a Fender Rhodes sound in nearly every track i write. Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. The wah effect is commonly featured on early jazz fusion recordings by Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul, usually producing a static EQ from being left in the "always on" state. Rhodes pianos were among the most distinguished instruments of the new musical era. There are many different amps on the market, valve, transistor, or both. The natural sound of this box is very dark, but there are several speaker upgrades available to get more clarity (Speakeasy & Vintage Vibe). An honorable mention goes to the Ring Modulator, the cacophonous effect used to mutilate Jan Hammer's Rhodes playing with the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Quando, quando??? Its sound became a trade-mark of R&B, funk, jazz, soul and all intermediary music genres. Fender rhodes Sound Effects (14) Most recent Oldest Shortest duration Longest duration Any Length 2 sec 2 sec - 5 sec 5 sec - 20 sec 20 sec - 1 min > 1 min All libraries Bobby Cole 0:04 By depressing a key into its farthest point without going into “after touch,” you find the point where you will measure the escapement gap.
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