$5.00. If you want to order milk tea, please got to Milk tea category or Fresh Milk category. $4.95. Honey Black Milk Tea at Rare Tea "ShareTea black milk tea with 80% sugar and boba is WILD. from $3.20, from $2.60, from $2.90, from $3.50, from $3.30, from $3.70, from $3.90, from $2.50, from $2.20, from $2.10, from $2.80, from $3.40, from $3.80, from $4.20, from $4.00, from $4.50, Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 8:30 pm, 11:00 am - 8:30 pm. Ginger Milk Tea (Iced) $4.95. Your Address. Sharetea - Online Ordering Unavailable. LeNu   |   Pastamania, Brinda's, Delivery or takeout! Taiwan's premium milk tea, fruity tea, smoothies, crushes, natural tea and boba We use cookies to personalise your experience on Deliveroo — learn more about the cookies we use Deliveroo Delicious iced chocolate with sprinkles of hershey chocolate chips. i.tea, Sushi Tei, 100 stores among them are in North America. ice blended coffee. Honey Milk Tea. Brinda's, View menu and reviews for Sharetea in Washington, plus popular items & reviews. Preorder to. Search Cart. He acts like a hooligan and threatens me. 0. Comes with one scoop of boba. Sharetea, a popular tea chain from Taiwan recently opened a location in San Diego. Winter melon macchiato and Okinawa milk tea was good. Tiong Bahru Bakery, Ayam Penyet President, 18505 ALDERWOOD MALL PKWY Ste G LYNNWOOD, WA 98037 (425) 697-5111. Canton Paradise   |   Order online and track your order live. Nakhon Udon Thai Kitchen   |   Home; Catalog; Submit. Yoogane   |   Browse their menu and store hours. Arnold's Fried Chicken, ... Honey Milk Tea. foodpanda special deals, Indian Curry House, Taiwan Classic Pearl Milk Tea. Foodpanda, pls credit my account with more discount vouchers. Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, CHICHA San Chen   |   Napolizz Pizza Delivery, Tim Ho Wan   |   ... Earl Grey Honey Milk Tea. Texas Chicken, Häagen-Dazs   |   Honey Milk Tea . Vanilla ice-cream adds creaminess and depth to our signature milk tea, Black tea based milk tea, addictively creamy, rich and aromatic, Oolong tea based milk tea, slight smoky notes with a distinct aftertaste, Delicious chewy tapioca pearls paired with our signature milk tea, Delicious chewy mini tapioca pearls paired with our signature milk tea, Signature milk tea coupled with silky smooth textured pudding with a sweet custard flavour, Gelatinous and silky smooth jelly that is mildly sweet, adds a refreshing touch in oursignature milk tea, Soothing taiwanese longan honey adds a distinct sweetness to the classic milk tea, Mellow sweetened matcha served with soft textured whole red beans, Coffee flavoured chewy jelly paired with our signature milk tea, Juicy lychee flavoured, jelly-like cubes in our signature milk tea, Soft textured whole red beans that pair beautifully with our signature milk tea, An all-time favorite, this drink has refreshing sweetness that will get you hooked(non-caffeinated), Full bodied creamy milk tea, highly addictive rich roasted brown sugar aroma, Rich and smooth milk tea with hints of caramel-like sweetness, Creamy, sweet and distinct yam flavored drink complemented with crunchywhite pearls. Umisushi, Burger King, $4.00 + Cold Classic Coffee. Milk Tea. Sharetea Classic Milk Tea. sharetea. Swensen's, Indian food delivery in Singapore Pastamania, Too sweet even though I asked for no sugar. We are currently hiring! Jollibee, Large from ₱100.00 ... Honey Milk Tea. Ginger Milk Tea (Hot) $4.95. green tea with fresh milk. Iced Cocoa. 0. Took more than an hour to arrive and I did not have the option to cancel, It’s my first online order and it was excellent. $5.70. Spizza, Staff were too busy they made me wait for 5 minutes although I was standing there, thank you staff who pay attention to the notes written by customer. Cold brew earl grey tea based milk tea, citrus floral notes & smooth body, Loose jasmine tea leaves slow steeped for 10 hours. Sharetea didn’t read comments I added on my order. Juicy chunks of aloe vera in Taiwanese longan honey, A recipe of run with freshly squeezed orange juice that pairs beautifully with cold brewed jasmine green tea, Non caffeinated option. Popeyes, Nando's, FarEastFlora.com   |   Item Price; Recommended: Taro Milk Tea (L) $7.70: Pearl Milk Tea (L) $7.70: Thai Milk Tea (L) A layer of creme to our classics. TigerNow, $4.00 + Hot Honey Milk Tea. Tiong Bahru Bakery, Hot available. Sharetea - NUH Medical Centre Bubble Tea. It has 500+ stores in 18 countries internationally. Imperial Treasure   |   Ice cream milk tea and yakult green tea are great as usual. Ginger Milk Tea. The delivery rider was earlier then expected and polite and thoughtful. Emicakes, Sweetness is from the ingredient, no sugar added so we CAN'T ADJUST SWEETNESS. Established in 1992, Sharetea started off business with to-go black tea and pearl milk tea drinks in Taipei, Taiwan. strawberry black tea ... oolong milk tea with pearls. Guzman Y Gomez   |   literally no ice.. it wasnt cold at all. 100 stores among them are in North America. The place is very clean. Menu Milk Tea. Wolf Burgers, Long John Silver's, $4.00 + Hot Classic Coffee. Check out the Sharetea menu. Luckily we had some extras from before. Pezzo, $4.12 + Classic Pearl Oolong Milk Tea. Sharetea is a great boba place with a ton of options. Sharetea (JCube) Singapore is located at 2 Jurong East Central 1 #B1-K01 JCube 609731, view Sharetea reviews, photos, menu, opening hours or phone 83824246.
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