One slot. Makoto Naegi,A Luckster. But even so, he would take some of that great optimism that he harbors and use it not to give up in the unfavorable situations that his luck brings him. 3 months ago he was accepted on the school. Makoto Naegi is a character featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook. As the slots slowed, Makoto could glimpse the faces of each of his classmates, both dead and alive. Plusieurs formats disponibles. For other appearances in the series, see Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa 1), Makoto Naegi (DRAE), Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa V3). Makoto Naegi wasn't sure why he decided Hope's Peak Academy was safe enough. The courtroom screens lit up, displaying the voting slot machine. Hi, do you want to be friends? A talent that if in use it could be better that those of adults. When Makoto found out, he executed her. Summary. Makoto must face whatever her luck throws at her while a nurse's heart is in the middle to make things difficult. Because she is considered a "Demon" by the Warriors of Hope, she is given the name Slowpokemaru (ドンコマル). Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Also Known as The Ultimate Lucky Student,Woke Up In a Killing Game,And Died. NaegixHarem. This school was much more popular than his middle school, even with the smart and famous people that had gone to it. In this AU, Komaru Naegi was Makoto Naegi's sister, but only because she was pressured into it. Later, his title became Ultimate Hope due to his unusual optimism and ability to spread hope. oh, hey Makoto the names y/n and I am the ultimate _____ Oh! ^u^ Makoto Naegi is a character from the Danganronpa fandom. Makoto Naegi is one of the characters featured in the Graduation Hall RP. Mr.Kirigiri's words were just words, yet he knew the man was very determined to keep the promise. None of the art is mine and all go to their respectful owners; I don't own Danganronpa, it … But that was the start of Naegi Makoto's Everyday Life with Ultimate Girls. Makoto Naegi, Ultimate Soldier, finds himself passing out as he enters Hope's Peak. Makoto Naegi. De l'originalité à petits prix pour vos murs tout nus. He is also the older brother of Komaru Naegi. Chapter 3: Little Shit and the Girl Detective Notes: Sorry for the wait, school's been shitty lol (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) Ultimate Talent Development Plan - Makoto Naegi Events [DRV3] - Duration: 19:15. justonegamr 75,034 views. She, however, became good friends with Toko and dropped clues to Toko so that she would survive. Naegi: The Ultimate Uber Driver PartyInvader99. Makoto Naegi (the Ultimate Lucky Student) And Kyoko Kirigiri (the Ultimate Detective) This one is pretty short and self explanatory, so just enjoy. Makoto Naegi ends up hurting himself, as is usual for someone whose talent sometimes seems to want him dead. Guerriers Chevaliers Mages. Makoto has the title Ultimate Lucky Student, though he appears to have both bad and good luck. Posters et affiches d'artistes indépendants sur le thème Makoto Naegi. Archers. When Fujisaki Chihiro announced to the world that he was male, Naegi didn't think anything of it. Unlike most students, he was selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy because he won a lottery, earning him the title of Ultimate Lucky Student. The curtains were drawn to block out any sunlight that might peek through. Hi! In the First few Timelines,He Tried to save his friends Over and Over again. He have been living on the dorms of the high school for about 3 months and he still couldn't believe it. Here everyone has a special talent. We need to talk like civilized people to make an agreement an-” Cutting through Naegi’s words, the classroom’s door swung open and a large man with long hair sticking straight up rushed into the room. Hi, my name is Makoto Naegi and I am the ultimate lucky student! "If the outside world is void of hope, and if despair is contagious, then I'll just have to infect everyone with my hope. Hope’s Peak University is a school for ultimate hope, but all is not well within its grounds. He is a participant in the Killing School Life and the Final Killing Game. There, he meets his fellow Ultimates who have had the same thing occur to them. He has Byakuya and Junko. Le 15 novembre 2020 à 17:46:47 Sakuraidu91 a écrit - page 3 - Topic Makoto Naegi du 30-11-2018 01:51:32 sur les forums de Not after the 'Tragedy' during middle school. It's safe to say none of them know what's going on... Chapter Text. Fighting doesn't resolve anything, it just makes bigger problems! Prêtres; Modèle:Arcana/SoloNav. Makoto Naegi. Unlike most students, he was selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy because he won a lottery, earning him the title of Ultimate Lucky Student. If you presented Makoto Naegi to any random individual, the first thing they would do is make a remark about how painfully average he looked. For screencaps of Makoto's appearances in Danganronpa: The Animation, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, and Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono, see: Makoto Naegi/Image Gallery/Anime. how about you!! Makoto Naegi stands at the front, introducing himself. 31 talking about this. After being hunted down and declared a traitor by Future Foundation, Makoto joined The Remnants. Komaru basically replaces the role of "Mukuro Ikusaba" in this AU, but lives a little longer. Due to the large number of images, this section has been split from Makoto's main gallery. "Well, My name's Makoto Naegi, The Ultimate Pyrotechnician, If you guys need somebody for explosives' or fire, just ask me!" Two slots. 1,635 likes. Being selected to attend Hope's Peak late, well better late than never. Anyways, the boy who was optimistic, the boy who was good at lying. my name is y/n and I am the ultimate _____ I am *your name* the ultimate, not your business now leave me alone. Shuichi Saihara's dark past is coming back to haunt him but luckily Kaede Akamatsu is always there for him. Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Makoto clenched his fists, nails biting into his palm as he watched the options spin by rapidly. Although, he doesn't do it alone. The boy who was a mastermind to this situation. And I'll let You Know,That Ain't Fun. Makoto Naegi: Newest Team Yell Member Makoto Naegi hadn't expected to this development, he had recently gotten a girlfriend in the form of Marnie from Spikemuth, and despite her gothic exterior, internally she was just a big and adorable softie who really cares for her Pokémon, which resonated with Makoto, and admittedly he did have a small crush on her despite that. His name was Naegi Makoto. Well, at least that's the name they had all given him. Danganronpa 1 marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. I am *your name* AND IOVE YOU BUT FOR NOW, LET'S BE FRIENDS « » Log in or sign up. Fuck Jewtube, they block my Class Trial 5 video because of this execution, but they don't block the execution. Trophy description: Trapped inside of a school where the only way out is to kill, Naegi Makoto thwarted the mastermind: Junko Enoshima, with the power of hope. Danganronpa 2 marks the character's second voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. Chapter Text “DING” Naegi’s phone lit up on his night stand, illuminating the dark room. Makoto Naegi | I draw for fun, my art account is @anonymous____loser on Instagram if you want to see more of my drawings.♡ Naegi Makoto, according to Ishimaru a good name, a strong name. 1 Canon 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Family 3 Fandom 4 List 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and one of the central protagonists of the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. Modifier. He is also the older brother of Komaru Naegi. Makoto Naegi is a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook. For other appearances in the series, see Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa 2), Makoto Naegi (DRAE), Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa V3). Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる), is one of the protagonists and a participant of Demon Hunting featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls due to her being the closest person to her older brother Makoto Naegi. Three slots. I hope you find yourself at home with what I have to offer. He was the Ultimate Lucky student. Naegi Makoto just woke up to the morning announcements. Makoto Naegi considered himself an "incredibly average" person with no outstanding qualities until he won a lottery to enter the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy as the "Ultimate Lucky Student". Standing up from his chair, the normal Ultimate Lucky Student, Makoto Naegi, ran over “Stop! Name: Naegi Makoto. What does Makoto Naegi (from the Danganronpa franchise) think of you? Makoto Naegi is dealing with his inferiority complex while also sorting out his convoluted love-life. Thank you for watching.If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and subscribe if you want to stay updated on my latest videos. Salut tout le monde on se retrouve pour un nouveau topic débile parce-qu'on se fait chier ! “Sorry I'm late Teach! (RP Page) Open to S4S', just ask. Makoto: oh. Somehow,Lady Luck Followed Him In there and Makoto Woke Up In the same Exact Position as Before. Write a letter to find out! He forgot that Makoto is also an androgynous name. The slot machine lit … Historique Commentaires Partager. Arriving to Hope’s Peak was once his dream, but it soon melted to a nightmare. His cheery attuited was a little too weird for his classmates, although his appearance did show a slight streak of crazy. Wtf?Update: Ayy they removed the copyright Hey there, my name is Makoto Naegi. But this stroke of good fortune quickly turned into a nightmare as he is soon pitted against his new classmates by the enigmatic and sadistic Monokuma. Hajime Hinata is struggling to fit in and also has a stalker in one of his friends. Series: Danganronpa.
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