Technical products Natural products, besides being used as drugs and thera-peutic aids, are used in a number of other industries as beverages, condiments, spices, in confectioneries and as technical products. Chromatographic, chemical and physical tests, together with assay procedures, are given for many drugs for which previously there was no quantitative evaluation of the chemical constituents available. Effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) )Samir Malhotra1 and Amrit Pal Singh2* 1Department of Pharmacology PGIMER, Chandigarh 2Super Specialty Division, Ind-Swift Lab, Chandigarh GC was suitable for the qualitative fingerprint Compared with Sham and Sham + G.E groups, administration of ferrous sulfate resulted in liver and kidney dysfunction as evidenced by significantly higher levels of serum hepatic markers and bilirubin, and lower levels of serum albumin, total protein, triglyceride, cholesterol and glucose, as well as lower creatinine clearance and higher fractional excretion of sodium (p<0.001). them, Ginger is an excellent remedy. The major task of Additionally, ginger may enhance implantation in rats in long term with low dose. In the 5-day treatment group (one estrous cycle), 100 mg ginger powder, 200 mg ginger powder or distilled water was given for 5 days to the three subgroups each containing seven rats. It also is In the 10-day treatment group, endometrial VEGF and ovarian stromal eNOS were significantly high in the 100 mg ginger subgroup in comparison to the control group (p < 0.05). Besides, the DNA fingerprinting data using RAPD revealed that the treated sample did not show any true polymorphism as compared to the control. The juices and powders were then analyzed for the nutritive composition and compared. Background: Syllabus: 1. Results showed that before consumption of the extract, smokers had a significantly lower mean neutrophil count and higher mean red blood cell (RBC) count compared to non-smokers. pharmacognosy gpat test paper 1 pharmarocks gpat test series amar raval instructions test paper contains total 125 mcq. 7 Pacific Islands Area Vegetative Guide NRCS-PI Page 33 of 71 Revised April 2010 Table O. Traditionally, ginger has been used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting for thousands of years. International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Chinese Medicine ISSN: 2576-4772 Antibacterial Activity of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Rosc.) Pharmacognosy Reviews, Volume 12, Issue 23, January-June 2018 3 tube. Ginger's anti-vomiting action has been shown to be very useful in reducing the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, even the most severe form, hyperemesis gravidum, a condition which usually requires hospitalization. TOTAL MARKS Plant emergence percent were Xiaotangshan (74.8%), Chengdu (74.5%), Hunan (72.4%) and Shaanxi (70.7%), plant height at six week, Xiaotangshan (17.8 cm), Hunan (17.1 cm), Shaanxi (16.8 cm) and Chengdu (16.1 cm) the least, number of leaves at six weeks were Xiaotangshan (21), Hunan (19) and (16) Shaanxi, leaf area Hunan (89.5 cm ² ), Shaanxi (83.7 cm ² ), Chengdu (79.4 cm ² ) and Xiaotangshan (78.1 cm ² ), dry biomass of 4.88, 4.35, 3.83 and 3.03 g obtained for Hunan, Chengdu, Shaanxi and Xiaotangshan, respectively. Percentage plant emergence based on soil layers were 0-25 cm (75.8%), 25-50 cm (75.3%), 50-75 cm (71.6%) and 75-100 cm (69.6%), respectively; highest plant emergence percentage were obtained from top soil layer of Hunan, treated with biofertilizer. No eBook available Dr. C. K. Kokate, Mr. A. P. Purohit, Mr. S. B. Gokhale It is a good book … Results: The level of menstrual blood loss dramatically declined during the three intervention cycles in ginger‐receiving group. Abstract: Context: Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Zingiberaceae) rhizome, known commonly as ginger is extensively used in Indian traditional system of medicine for treatment of various disorders. The micro nutrients notably vitamins C and A, iron and calcium usually sourced from beverages were not adversely affected. Cultivation and Preparation 7. Ginger is utilized widely as a spice, for pickles, candies and as a medicinal herb. PHARMACOGNOSY GPAT TEST PAPER 1 PHARMAROCKS GPAT TEST SERIES AMAR RAVAL INSTRUCTIONS TEST PAPER CONTAINS TOTAL 125 MCQ. 2 Department of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi, INDIA. Pharmacognosy and phytochemical standardization of Albizia Ferruginea (Guill and Perr) pulps February 2018 In Africa and Cameroon in particular, people tend to use medicinal plants as the first approach to cure their illness or disease. Uses 12. Average Dose 13. International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Chinese Medicine Wail EA and Emad MA. uncontaminated grain to lower the concentration of trichothecenes below the threshold of significant biological activity. endstream endobj 45 0 obj <Ìú[æÃsi£ý)/P -1852/R 3/U(j%`B£\nFGåل¨¤]› )/V 2>> endobj 46 0 obj <> endobj 47 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 48 0 obj <>stream Blood samples were collected before and after the experimental period to determine the complete and differential blood counts; and concentrations of C-reactive protein, IgG, IgM, and thyroid hormones. Roselle powders, the effect was not significantly adverse (P > 0.05). Conversely, the level of iron in the spray-dried powders of Tamarind and Roselle increased by 20 percent and 27 percent respectively. ßpò»¸'x’ BibTex XML PDF (2.2 MB) The index of nutritional quality and serum lipid profiles were significantly improved after the program, and they remained significant at the 3-month follow-up. All these changes were corroborated by histological observations of liver and kidney. pharmacognosy pdf study material. In conclusion, the extract had different effects on cells and antibodies of the immune system in smokers and non-smokers, although both benefited from enhancement of the thyroid gland. The curriculum of this subject provides knowledge for pharmacists to be able to meet the needs and demands of patients to receive effective and safe phytomedicines as part of their therapy. GINGER 10). Moreover, the flowering pattern of control trees did not alter; it was on average 8 to 10 inches with more male flowers. Meanwhile, CPGO revealed no histopathological alterations and no Bax immune-reactive cells. Seydler in 1815 in a small book he wrote on crude drugs, entitled “ Analecta Pharmacognostica “. Initially, the intakes of vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin and calcium of our subjects were insufficient. Rhizome: A … Pharmacognosy is the study of starting material and substance intended for therapeutics, and biological origin, in other words obtained from plants animals, or by fermentation from microorganism. There were two study groups. The nutrition education and exercise program for institutionalized elderly women was effective in leading to positive changes shortly after the program, but the effects only partially remained at the 3-month follow-up. 4. This post contains important questions of Pharmacognosy for B.Pharm 5th Semester students. It is therefore essential to ensure the quality of medicinal plant products by using several techniques and applying suitable Our data strongly indicate that our NE mixture is a potential alternative therapeutic approach in certain types of cancer. Scope of Pharmacognosy The rats were divided into four groups (n=7): Sham, Sham + G.E (ginger extract, 400 mg/kg/day for 14 days), FS (ferrous sulfate, 30 mg/kg/day for 14 days), FS+G.E (ferrous sulfate, 30 mg/kg/day for 14 days; ginger extract, 400 mg/kg/day for 11 days from the fourth day of ferrous sulfate injection). Acacia koa koa 47 Acacia koaia koai‘a 47 Acacia mangium mangium 47 Acalypha wilkensiana beefsteak 47 Ajuga reptans carpet bugle 47 Aleurites moluccana kukui, lama, lumbang, sakan, raguar, candlenut tree 47 Alpinia zerumbet shell ginger 47 Arachis glabrata forage peanut 48 Arachis pintoi cv. This study was designed to investigate the aqueous natural extracts mixture (NE mix) prepared from common spices turmeric, ginger and garlic for its free radical scavenging potential and anti-cancer property against human breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7, ZR-75 and MDA-MB 231). In conclusion, ginger extract appears to exert protective effects against ferrous sulfate-induced hepatic and renal toxicity by reducing lipid peroxidation and chelating iron. Deanship of Scientific Research An-Najah National University Pharmacognosy Laboratory Manual First Edition Nidal A. Jaradat, Ph.D Samah Al-Jabi, B.Sc Pharmacy 2005 You One part was considered as control, while another part was subjected to Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment without physically touching and referred as treated. Pharmacognosy Book PDF Download Free For B.Pharmacy and D.Pharmacy Students. Recently, several randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials (RCTs) have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of ginger in PONV. Powdered Ginger 11. COLOPHONY Read now History and Scope of Pharmacognosy 1). Free PDF. Research Journal of Pharmacognosy (RJP) 4(1), 2017: 23-32 Received: Sep 2016 Accepted: Dec 2016 Original article A clinical comparative study of oral and topical ginger on severity and duration of primary dysmenorrhea P. Shirooye1, F. Hashem-Dabaghian2, M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam3, M. … Ginger contains 5 to 8% resinous substances, the chief constituent of which is gingerol. Abstract: Background: Zingiber officinale aqueous extracts have traditionally been used by diabetic patients in Jordan.Objective: The present study aims to evaluate the hypoglycemic and antihyperglycemic effects of ginger crude extract (GCE) in normoglycemic- and streptozotocin (STZ)- diabetic- rats and to assess the possible herb-drug interactions with glibenclamide and insulin. 1 Maceration, Percolation and Infusion Techniques of Extraction of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) J Singh Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) Lucknow (India) E-mail: Introduction There was no statistically significant difference at 200 mg ginger dose both in 5-day and 10-day treatment groups. Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Essential Fatty Acids, 56 , 379–384. February 2018. The nutrition education classes and supervised Korean dance exercise classes (four times per week) were provided for 10 weeks to 64 elderly women from residential homes in Korea. 100+ Important Pharmacognosy Questions For B.Pharm and D.Pharm stduents. Co-use of herbs and drugs might alter the Co-use of herbs and drugs might alter the drug’s pharmacokinetics and/or pharmacodynamics, hence causing unexpected adverse effects of the drug [18] . Original Article Embelin from Embelia ribes ameliorates oxidative stress and inflammation in high-fat diet-fed obese C57BL/6 mice Priyanka Bansal, Uma Bhandari, Sayeed Ahmad Background: A safe, efficacious, and economical drug for the treatment of obesity is the need of the time. )Samir Malhotra1 and Amrit Pal Singh2* 1Department of Pharmacology PGIMER, Chandigarh 2Super Specialty Division, Ind-Swift Lab, Chandigarh *Correspondent author, E-mail: Abstract The medicinal plants find application in pharmaceutical, … and galvinoxyl radicals was recorded. At the end of the 5th and 10th days, ovarian volumes, ovarian weights, primordial follicles, antral follicles, atretic follicles, and corpus luteum counts were assessed. Conclusion Moreover, the yield of flowers and fruits in the treated trees were increased about 95.45 and 47.37%, respectively as compared to the control. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Adulteration and drug evaluation; significance of pharmacopoeial standards. Conclusion: ... GINGER… Students of D.pharm can also use these questions for thier university or any competitive exams. camphene and phellandrene. Standard 10. chemistry, pharmacognosy, physiology and pharmacology, pharmacists have the basic knowledge required for phytotherapy. It is unstable due to acidic environment or as a result of the increase in temperature; presence of light, air, heat and long term storage but it can be enhanced by Nano emulsion formulation. Ginger (rhizome of Zingiber officinale) belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, is widely used and is most popular as a culinary spice and in Traditional medicines to add flavor for more than thousands of years. Materials and Methods The word after providing a nutrition education and exercise program to elderly women living in residential homes. RCBD of three replication used, data for growth, yield and other agronomic characters and soil physicochemical properties evaluated. This study is the first study of the effects of an aqueous ginger extract on the immune system cells and antibodies, thyroid hormones, and hematology in smokers compared to non-smokers. Conclusion: Spray-drying process can be employed to preserve these two juices at commercial level for wider and greater utilization of their products. Various systems of classification of drugs and natural origin. Biological Source . CHEMICAL TESTS 14). ÏOL{­âð/ 2Á*lm…¹€úπ¨P6ï. SIAM BENZOIN 15). Although pharmacognosy is principally concerned with plant mat… 2. Background: Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is a distressing outcome related to surgeries. Introduction to Pharmacognosy. History of Pharmacognosy •The greeks and Romans •Pythagoras (580 B.C.) 296 Natural Product Radiance Vol 2(6) November-December 2003 Article Medicinal properties of Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc. Description 4. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. Pharmacognosy is the study of starting material and substance intended for therapeutics, and biological origin, in other words obtained from plants animals, or by fermentation from microorganism. In the processed ginger and the extract of Daikenchu-to, there was a small amount of zingerone (0.001-0.004%), which is said to be one of the main components in processed ginger. Pharmacognosy and phytochemical standardization of Albizia Ferruginea (Guill and Perr) pulps. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effects of ginger powder on ovarian folliculogenesis and implantation in rats. Qualitative analysis of their bioactive constituents from turmeric, ginger and garlic were done using liquid chromatography-ESI- mass spectrometry (LC-ESI-MS/MS). Family of Ginger 3. Non-smokers had increased mean IgM levels, which may lead to a stronger antibody response, or humoral immunity, against infections. Many crude drugs once generally categorized as herbal remedies are now, in accordance with Continental European practice, described in the British Pharmacopoeia (BP). )Rhizome: A Mini Review. The part of the ginger plant that is used is the root, which is botanically the rhizome. Scope of pharmacognosy 4). The study underpins the importance soil types and fertilizer evaluation for a sustainable vegetable production in China. The term ‘pharmacognosy’ was first coined and used by C.A. Effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) In ginger rhizomes, also contains starch, saccharides, proteins, colouring matter and trace minerals that plays a huge role as a spice ingredient. Aqueous and methanol extracts from ginger were prepared separately. An aqueous ginger extract was administered to 68 male Saudi healthcare workers (33 smokers and 35 non-smokers) daily for 21 days. Commercial Varieties 8. Common Name . Contents: Botanical Name of Ginger Family of Ginger […] (2.32%). The effects of the spray-drying on nutritional composition were evaluated. PDF | Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been used as a spice and medicine for over 200 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. CAPSICUM 12). Original Article: Embelin from Embelia ribes ameliorates oxidative stress and inflammation in high-fat diet-fed obese C57BL/6 mice: Priyanka Bansal, Uma Bhandari, Sayeed Ahmad: Background: A safe, efficacious, and economical drug for the treatment of obesity is the need of the time. Rhizome: A Mini Review Int J Pharmacogn Chinese Med Antibacterial Activity of Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Rosc.) The ginger spice comes from the roots of the plant. Antibacterial Activity of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Leaves Essential Oil Nanoemulsion against the Cariogenic Streptococcus mutans Nada M. Mostafa Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University The spongy tissue content in pulp of the matured ripened mangoes was decreased by 100% for two consecutive years as compared to the control. Ginger contains a fusion of an aroma oils both volatile (zingiberene) and non-volatile (oleoresin) oils and phenolic compounds (gingerol and shogaol, zingerone and paradol). India ranks first with respect to ginger production contributing about 32.75% of the world’s production followed by China (21.41%), Nigeria (12.54%) and Bangladesh countries lead in the supply of ginger in the world market. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) used in this present study was purchased from the local market in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. The extent of apoptosis due to combined treatment with NE mix-Tamoxifen was higher than Tamoxifen alone, indicating a potential role of the NE mix in sensitizing the ER-positive breast cancer cells towards Tamoxifen. Download PDF Package. PDF. 2 Department of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi, INDIA. High doses of TPM may exhibit sexual dysfunction but CPGO is safe and has androgenic property. By applications of several disciplines, pharmacognosy from a descriptive subject has again developed into an integral and important disciplines of pharmaceutical sciences. Iron overload in the body is related with toxic effects and threatens the health. After 24 hr, blood, urine and tissue samples were collected. The results revealed that TPM caused a dose-dependent reduction in the an-tioxidant activities and testosterone content, while, malonaldehyde (MDA) and nitric oxide (NO) as oxidative stress markers were elevated. The treated mango trees showed new straight leaves, without any distortion and infection, whereas the control trees showed very few, distorted, infected, and curly leaves. Soil results showed substantial differences in physicochemical properties from the four agro-ecological zones (Ferrod Arenosol, Entisol, Aridisol and Vertisol). Ginger Pharmacognosy Pharmacology Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Definition, history and scope of Pharmacogonosy including indigenous system of medicine. Can Iranian Medicinal Plants Apply to Prevent and Treatment of Viral Diseases? If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The phytochemistry, proximate composition and medicinal properties of ginger (Zingiber officinale) were investigated. Ginger is used as an anti-emetic and it has been proposed that the aromatic, carminative and possibly absorbent properties of ginger improve the effects of motion sickness directly in the GI tract unlike the anithistamines. 9). Developing potent anti-cancer therapies which are non-toxic, sustainable and affordable is of alternative medicine. BENZOIN 13). Subjects were interviewed to assess perceived dietary behaviors, food intake by 24-hour recall, and fasting blood samples were obtained before and after the program and at a 3-month follow-up.
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