This taste great with potato fry. Keerai is cooked with dal & Indian seasonings. Sodhi Recipe-Tirunelveli Sodhi Kulambu Recipe-Side Dish for Idiyappam-Appam-Rice February 14, 2015 by PadhuSankar 5 Comments Sodhi also known as Sodhi Kuzhambu is a very special dish from Tirunelveli District (Nellai) in Tamil Nadu. This kootu can be served with rice as a curry with some thogayal or pickle. It can also be served as a soup or as a dal with chapatti. Any type of keerai (leaf) can be used to make this dish. This kulambu stays good for a week when refrigerated. We also make sunda curry with this left over kuzhambu by mixing it with keerai kadayal. Serving Keerai Kootu. Karaikudi special Pakoda kuzhambu. The recipe is quite simple and elegant. My friends mom used to make arachu vitta kuzhambu with potatoes and drumstick and the accompaniment was Every time I prepare a different side dish to give the variation. Try this Nellai puli kulambu recipe, you’ll love for its fresh masala flavour. Idli and Dosa are staple foods of South India. Suggestions: Kara Kulambu Recipe | Side dish recipes | Super Suvai Tamil In this blog post, I shared my Kara Kulambu recipe. Here are a list of blasting-Breakfast side dishes that can make your home "idlys and dosas-mania"! It also has the goodness of veggies. It can also be served as a side-dish for rice and vathal kulambu. Bored of Dhal sambar for idly, dosa? share this. கீரை புளிகறி / Amma’s Keerai Pulikary(Kulambu) / Spinach Gravy / Spinach & Dal Cooked in a Spicy Coconut Sauce. Usually compresses are prepared using mudakathan keerai and applied on joints for the pain. It’s one of the best side dishes for curd rice. Below are top 15 best side dish for Idli and Dosa. 1 tsp of ghee can be added at the last for added flavor. Mudakathan Keerai/Balloon Vines Leaves is a very popular keerai variety in TamilNadu used for treating joint pains. Both are an awesome combo. This is the best way of serving the keerai for the healthy life.. It is one of the excellent side dishes for rice. Addition of vadagam & ghee will enrich the taste and flavour of the dish. Serve this mudakathan keerai kuzhambu with a bowl of steamed rice, or as side dish for idlis, dosas, or even for rotis. This list is a great choice for planning your daily menu, party menu, kids meal, special days or festival menu and for sudden guests. Over 280 traditional, authentic, home cooked and tested recipes from different parts of India's southern state, i.e. Share. பகோடா குழம்பு, Pakoda Kulambu recipe, spicy Pakoda Kara Kuzhambu recipe made with Freshly ground aromatic spices in Tangy Tamarind Curry similar one like Vazhaipoo Pakoda Kuzhambu. Tamil Nadu (சுவையான தமிழ்நாடு சமையல்). Try from our more than 250 easy, simple and tasty side dishes for rice, biryani, idiyappam, idli, dosa, chapati, pongal, poori etc. In every Karakudi Hotel meal, there must be mandatory Pakoda kuzhambu and Keerai Kootu in Menu. Kara Kulambu has balanced flavors of sour and spicy. This version is very different from our usual kara kuzhambu and vathakulambu. Amma makes this kulambu often..She makes this with spinach and their stalks too which turns out so healthy. April 6, 2012 By Aarthi 16 Comments. Although Idli and dosa are cooked more frequently in my kitchen, I never get bored off and I will never say a No to dosa. Keera kulambu is the healthy south Indian dish served with rice.
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