Boaz offered Ruth protection and food. • In chapter 3, Naomi encourages Ruth to seek marriage with Boaz as a kinsman redeemer. This would be contrary to levirate marriage, which is primarily for the purpose of raising seed up to a deceased brother. 2:1 And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband's, a mighty man of wealth, of the family of Elimelech; and his name was Boaz. 1) God rules what happens in the world. As a widow myself, I’m drawn to the story of Ruth again and again. 2:2 And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field, and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight I shall find grace. 1:5). Fifth, Obed—the son born to Boaz and Ruth—is spoken of as the son of Boaz rather than as the son of Ruth’s deceased husband, Mahlon (see Ruth 4:18–22; Septuagint Ruth 4:13). A Study of Ruth and Boaz in the Bible. The willingness of Boaz to be the kinsman redeemer for Ruth illustrates the redemptive love Jesus has for us as well. Boaz out of compassion and obedience to the law allows Ruth to glean but also leaves extra grain for her purposely. The Book of Ruth … A simple Moabite widow becomes an essential character in the powerful story of salvation woven through the Bible. These Ruth and Boaz Bible activities for children will help kids learn about this beautiful story of love and commitment. It was God that led Ruth to Boaz’s field, Ruth 2:3. It was God that gave food to the people in Bethlehem, Ruth 1:6. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter. That gloomy era provides the setting for the most beautiful love story in the Bible, the story of Boaz and Ruth. There are so many lessons we can learn from the story of Ruth. “Now it came about in the days when the judges governed, that there was a famine in the land. Boaz offered Ruth protection and food. By any of these measures the love story of Ruth & Boaz is worth knowing. Once they reached Bethlehem, Naomi and Ruth sought food by gleaning grain from the field of a kinsman, Boaz. The story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz is one of the most moving accounts in the Bible.The events occurred during the period of the judges, about a century before David became king of Israel. It becomes a blueprint for us on how to establish a healthy marriage. Ruth obeys Naomi and asks for her rights and Boaz agrees but mentions that he must first be sure there are no others with first rights. And a certain man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the land of Moab with his wife and his two sons” (Ruth 1:1). The book of Ruth is a beautiful piece of sacred literature, applauded by many for its literary excellence. “Ruth” most likely comes from a Moabite and/or Hebrew word meaning “friendship.” Ruth arrived in Beth-lehem as a foreigner (2:10), became a maidservant (2:13), married wealthy Boaz (4:13), and was included in the physical lineage of Christ (Matt. The story of Ruth and Boaz deals with cross-cultural & forbidden love, immigration and the relationship between a powerful man and a vulnerable woman – applicable in today’s #MeToo era. It was God that gave Ruth and Boaz a son, Ruth 4:12. Ruth, Boaz & Naomi Bible Lesson "I am Christ's" - 3rd in the "I am Incredible" Identity Series. The following article is adapted from Israel’s Mission: Becoming a kingdom of priests in a prodigal world, a guidebook for the associated That the World May Know video series.. And the story – it’s an important one. When bad things happened (Ruth 1:21), God still used them. Ruth and Boaz Ruth Chapter 2. Before Tristan and Isolde, before Romeo and Juliet, and even before Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice, there were Boaz and Ruth.Their love story, dating from approximately 1000 BC, is still powerfully relevant in the twenty-first century. This lesson focuses on the fact that as she chose to follow God, and because of that she was never alone and … God … The story of Ruth and Boaz is a beautiful story of love and redemption.
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