Prince Charles’ ex-wife, Princess Diana, and Queen Elizabeth II‘ younger sister, Princess Margaret, were once very close — until they weren’t. Diana, Princess of Wales had 2,500 guests at her July 29, 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, but when the 20-year-old walked down the aisle, … Charles and Diana's "wedding of the century" already looms large in modern British history. WATCH: Prince Charles and Princess Diana leave St Paul's Cathedral after their wedding. Both Charles and Diana attended Sarah’s wedding to Daniel Chatto separately – he had admitted adultery the previous month. As Prince Charles was heir to the British throne, the event was automatically deemed a "state occasion", formally requiring the invitation of many foreign heads of … Throughout three seasons, the series recreated Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s wedding, detailed Princess Margaret’s doomed love story … ... hadn’t been a major royal wedding since Princess Margaret’s in … Princess Diana and Princess Margaret’s secret royal feud. The two royal ladies had a … In the wedding episode, Margaret is against Charles and Diana getting married because she knows he loves Camilla. PRINCESS Diana’s biggest enemy behind palace doors wasn’t her ex-husband Charles: It … The guest list at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on 29 July 1981 included many members of royal families from across the world, republican heads of state, and members of the bride's and groom's families. Princess Diana and Prince Charles return to Buckingham Palace after their ceremony. Focusing on the years between 1977 and 1990, the fourth season of The Crown introduces Diana to the royal drama. Viewers watch as she meets Charles for the first time, the lead up to their wedding and the deteriorating state of their marriage throughout the season. In a later episode, Charles comforts his … Diana and Charles’s wedding was seen by a global television audience of 750 million in 74 countries. It was not the first royal wedding to be televised, however: that was the wedding of Princess Margaret to Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon, on 6 May 1960. Did Princess Margaret actually try to stop Charles and Diana’s wedding?
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